Invert60™ Ball Head

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FatBoy Tripods Invert60 Ball Head Mount

The FatBoy Tripods Invert60 Ball Head Mount is the perfect addition to your tripod setup. The 60mm ball with inverted head allows for versatile shooting angles and smooth movement. The 1913 (Picatinny) and Arca Swiss adaptor make it compatible with a wide range of equipment.

The quick release lever makes it easy to quickly attach and detach your firearm, and the fine tuning adjustable tension allows for precise control. The Invert60 is lightweight at only 1lb 10oz, making it easy to carry on your adventures. It's also designed for seamless integration with our Side Chick accessory for added functionality.

This ball head mount is patent pending and built to last, giving you the confidence to take the perfect shot every time. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it can make in your precison shooting. 

Patent Pending

Features & Benefits:

• 60mm ball with inverted head
• 1913 (Picatinny) and Arca Swiss adaptor
• Quick release lever with fine tuning adjustable tension
• Weight 1lb 10oz
• Proprietary integration with our Side Chick
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35 Reviews
  • 5
    Invert 60 ball head

    Published by Andrew Talley on 2023 Nov 28th

    Quality construction, with minimal effort holds my rifle rock steady

  • 5
    60 ball head

    Published by Aaron Radney on 2023 Oct 30th

    Works great for Tactical Pursuit. No complaints

  • 5
    Invert 60

    Published by Aaron Radney on 2023 Sep 19th

    The Fatboy invert 60 works great on my high rack and tripods for all my predator hunting for Tactical Pursuit.

  • 5
    Simple to operate and rock solid

    Published by Nicholas on 2023 Jun 6th

    Only way to go for fast and easy movement. Goes from free movement to locked up tight in less than 180 degrees of rotation of the single, large knob, which is rubberized. This results in the ability to quickly lock the movement in place even in adverse conditions and total darkness. No fumbling around for the proper knob to adjust. This product couldn’t be better.

  • 5
    Game Changer

    Published by John Evers on 2023 Jun 5th

    I purchased the Inverted Ball Head, and mounted it to a land surveyors' tripod because I am cheap, and I already have several. I am amazed, and the coyotes are now in serious danger. The ball head is super smooth, and the control knob is unbelievably easy to use while tracking a target. It is worth noting, that I travel about with this thing in the back of my 4 wheeler. Dust is not its friend. After a few days of this, it became rather coarse in its movements. My solution is to loosen the knob for free travel, and wipe the ball with a tiny piece of paper towel, that has two drops of gun oil on it. It cleans the ball perfectly and leaves a very thin oil film. It brings it back to being so smooth it feels like hydraulic dampening. My other recommendation, is to repurpose an old crown royal bag to use as a dust cover for the head. It would be a nice touch if Fat Boy included a dust cover bag with an elastic band.

  • 5
    Ball head top knotch

    Published by Nick Dahlstrom on 2023 May 1st

    I've tried a few other setups and the fatboy definitely is top knotch and hard to beat! I'll definitely be getting another

  • 5
    Very well built

    Published by cody macarthur on 2023 Apr 30th

    I like how it works with Arca and Pic. I have a Ruger Precision chambered in 338 lapua. This is the only ballhead I’ve tried that will hold it tight. I also like how it come tapped for the SideChick.

  • 5
    Tough and reliable

    Published by David Sigmon on 2023 Apr 30th

    This Invert 60 ball head is tough. It can survive impacts with rocks. The threads have not gotten sloppy over time. There is no unwanted wobble in the jaws. The jaws don't loosen their grip during a shooting session.

  • 5
    Fatboy Ballhead

    Published by Tony Perotti on 2023 Apr 28th

    Very smooth action if your recording and a solid lockdown for your pew pew. Best Ballhead I have ever used.

  • 5
    Invert60 ball head

    Published by Myles scott on 2023 Apr 28th

    By far the smoothest ball head on the market. Easy to track your target while it’s moving but sturdy enough to hold still and make the perfect shot. Hoping to get the tripod to go with it next!

  • 5

    Published by Steven Sander on 2023 Apr 26th

    I dont own one but have been behind one, it was super smooth to use, made navigating around real nice

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