​The Difference Between the FatBoy Tripods Traverse Two and Three-Section Tripods.

​The Difference Between the FatBoy Tripods Traverse Two and Three-Section Tripods.

Published by FatBoy Tripods on 2024 Mar 14th

Two Section vs Three Section Traverse

Choosing the right equipment is essential for performance and satisfaction in hunting and shooting sports. A reliable tripod provides crucial support and stability for rifles and gear in diverse hunting environments and Precision Rifle Series (PRS) contexts. FatBoyTripods presents two superior options: the Traverse 2-Section and the Traverse 3-Section. This guide assists in determining the most suitable model for your specific needs.

The Traverse 3-section tripod has three sections in its legs, whereas the Traverse 2-section has only two sections.

  • Sections:
    • With three sections, the Traverse 3-section tripod offers two points of extension for each leg. This means you can adjust the length of each section at two different points, providing more versatility in adjusting the height and angle of the tripod.
    • On the other hand, the Traverse 2-section tripod only has one point of extension for each leg, as it has one less section. This limits the number of adjustment points compared to the 3-section tripod.
  • Adaptability vs. Speed:
    • The extra section in the Traverse 3-section tripod enhances its adaptability. Having two points of extension per leg allows for finer adjustments, making it more versatile and shorter for various terrains and shooting angles.
    • Conversely, the Traverse 2-section tripod sacrifices some of this adaptability for speed. With only one extension point per leg, it's quicker to deploy as you only need to adjust from a single point. This makes it more convenient for situations where rapid setup is essential like PRS and NRL Matches..

Traverse 2 Section: Efficient And Lightweight

Hunters & Shooters who want something efficient, as well as mobile will feel at home with the FatBoy’s Traverse 2-Section tripod. This tripod is ideal when a quick setup is desired, which is made possible with its simple 2-section design.

The main advantage of the Traverse 2-Section tripod is its fast setup process. Regardless of whether you are moving between hunting spots or getting out of a side-by-side, this tripod offers rapid and steady support allowing for accurate shots.

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Traverse 3 Section: Unrivaled Stability and Versatility

For hunters and shooters who demand maximum adaptability, the Traverse 3-Section tripod stands out. Featuring three extendable legs that don't cross, this tripod offers unparalleled support for your rifle setup, specifically in challenging shooting environments. With a 42.5mm tube diameter, it provides exceptional strength and stability, capable of withstanding recoil and maintaining accuracy shot after shot.

What sets the Traverse 3-Section apart is its versatility. Whether you're shooting from a blind, on a hillside, or in a prone position, this tripod provides a solid foundation for your rifle. The extra leg section also allows for greater height adjustment, giving you more versatility to find the perfect shooting position and angle. Its compact size when collapsed also makes it convenient for transport and storage, fitting easily into your hunting pack or vehicle.

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Choosing the Right Traverse for Your Hunting and Shooting Needs

When choosing between the Traverse 2-Section and the Traverse 3-Section, consider your specific hunting and shooting requirements. If you are a mobile hunter, and require a quick setup, the Traverse 2-Section may be the ideal option for your hunting and shooting adventures. However, if versatility, and maximum height adjustment are crucial factors for your shooting setup, the Traverse 3-Section offers unbeatable performance and reliability.

No matter which Traverse tripod you choose, you can trust FatBoyTripods' dedication to quality and innovation. With superior engineering and design, our tripods help hunters and shooters to enhance their shooting experience and improve their accuracy and precision in the field. So, whether you're a seasoned hunter or an avid shooter, invest in the right Traverse tripod and take your hunting and shooting game to the next level. Try now with confidence knowing FatBoys lifetime warranty has your back.

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